saint leo university MBA 565 all discussion

saint leo university MBA 565 all discussion


1: Defining Marketing – Discussion

Many non-profit
organizations such as universities, churches, government agencies, and
charities, are using marketing techniques very similar to the ones used by
traditional businesses. Do you approve of this, and are there any issues related
to this practice that you would like to raise?

Module 2: The Customer – Discussion

marketing convince consumers to develop new desires about products and
services they do not need or does it just identify and respond to
pre-existing consumer needs? Explain your answer.

Module 3: Business Market – Discussion

the article “Needing the Unnecessary” by James B. Twitchell. (The
article is easily found by conducting an Internet search using the words
in the title.) How is luxury defined? Do you agree with this definition
and with the role of luxury in society?

Module 4: Brand Equity – Discussion

What is the difficulty in measuring the brand equity of a brand like Coca-Cola?

Module 5: The Product – Discussion

is the same regardless of whether it is for a service/good or
e-commerce/brick-and-mortar: it is about research to identify target
markets in which you can brand a product and create a competitive
advantage. Do you agree with this statement? Support your position.

Module 6: Price – Discussion

Can we use the concept of price elasticity to identify a brand’s competitors? How would that work?

Module 7: Marketing Communications – Discussion

want to introduce a new product. You already have a successful brand in
a different product category than the new product you plan to
introduce. You are contemplating using the same brand name (brand
extension) for the new product. What factors should you consider before
making this decision?

Module 8: Global Marketing – Discussion

all group reports and comment on one key strategic move that led to
each competitor’s success or demise. Please substantiate your answer.

saint leo university MBA 565 all discussion
saint leo university MBA 565 all discussion