PSY410 r4 Week 5 Programmatic Assessment

PSY410 r4 Week 5 Programmatic AssessmentPSY410 r4 Week 5 Programmatic Assessment

*This was an assignment I completed during my undergraduate work. I received an A and it will make a useful study aid for someone in this course.

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Week Five Programmatic Assessment


Abby is a 20-year-old female college student. For at least the last 3 months, Abby has experienced ongoing anxiety and worry without a specific cause for these feelings. She has been restless and has noticed that her muscles feel tense and that these symptoms are beginning to affect her behavior in a way that is causing her to become distressed and that is preventing her from being able to complete her normal tasks. Abby correctly believed that it was normal to feel a little anxious sometimes; however, as the semester has progressed, she has not begun to feel significantly more comfortable.

On the recommendation of a friend, Abby visited the university’s counseling center and talked to Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith was…

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PSY410 r4 Week 5 Programmatic Assessment