PSY 410 Week One Assignment Worksheet

PSY 410 Week One Assignment WorksheetPSY 410 Week One Assignment Worksheet

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Week One Assignment Worksheet


Match the definitions to the correct theoretical model.

  1. __J___ Experiences as a child affect life. Child is influenced by caretaker but also has a part in development.

  2. __F___ 2-3 years of age and the body wants to retain and eliminate.

  3. __K___ When a stimulus elicits a specific response

  4. __H___ 6-12 years of age; skills and activities are the focus, rather than sexual exploration.

  5. _O Overall, people are good. Humans strive for health and wellbeing. Persons develop a sense of self and create a value system based on experiences, with the goal of self-actualizing.

  6. __C___ This is the part of the personality that mediates desires and the reality of the operational world.


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PSY 410 Week One Assignment Worksheet