FIU : MAN 3025 Final Exam

FIU : MAN 3025 Final Exam Question Question 36 Within a global context, ________ include the rules, policies, and enforcement processes that influence the behavior of individuals and organizations within a country. Answer .png”> physical forces .png”> institutional forces++ .png”> sociocultural forces .png”> geopolitical forces 1.67 points Question 37 Effective managers ________. Answer .png”> accept […]

FIU : MAN 3025 Final Exam

FIU : MAN 3025 Final Exam Question Natural Sins co-founder Andres Dominguez currently produces his Kaki snack chips in all of the following flavors EXCEPT: Answer .png”> Banana++ .png”> Mango .png”> Pineapple .png”> Apple 1.67 points Question 2 ________ is the extent to which a person’s identity is a function of the group(s) to which […]

MGT 498 Final Exam

MGT 498 Final Exam Question MGT 498 Final Exam. 1) In a survey of 50 corporations, which of the following was rated as a benefit of strategic management? A. Clearer sense of vision for the firmB. Higher levels of employee motivationC. Higher levels of job satisfactionD. Improved productivityE. Lower employee turnover 2) Research suggests that […]

Project Management MCQs 26-50

Project Management MCQs 26-50 Question 1. Which of the following is more reflective of managerial task? a. creating vision and strategies b. problem-solving c. long-term risk-taking d. communication by word and deed 2. Which of the following is more reflective of a leader’s task? a. efficiency of operations b. delegation and maintaining c. motivation and […]

Project Management MCQs 1-25

Project Management MCQs 1-25 Question 1. A project typically has ____________. a. a defined start and end date b. a defined start date but no defined end date c. no defined start but a defined end date d. no defined start or end date 2. The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide definition of a […]

Management MCQs

Management MCQs Question 76) Jana finds a home priced at $180,000 that she would like to buy. She is concerned, however, about her ability to get a loan. Accordingly, she and the seller reach agreement that Jana will buy the home if she can get a loan for $180,000 within 45 days. What type of […]

Strategic Management- Concepts and Cases MCQs

Strategic Management- Concepts and Cases MCQs Question 51) What category of ratios measures a firm’s ability to meet maturing short-term obligations? A) Leverage B) Activity C) Profitability D) Growth E) Liquidity 52) According to Roger Schroeder, which of the following is not a basic function of production management? A) Transportation B) Inventory C) Capacity D) […]